Running Plans

We've put together a range of carefully crafted running plans built to help you achieve your running goals. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned runner, our collection of training programs caters to all fitness levels, providing you with effective strategies to boost your endurance, speed, and overall performance.

With our expert guidance and result-driven approach, you'll experience consistent progress and find yourself reaching new milestones on your running journey. Take the first step towards realizing your full potential with our comprehensive running plans.

5km Plans

The 5K is often a new runner's first foray into endurance racing. It may be the shortest distance plan we offer but don't be mistaken, it is far from a sprint.

The sessions covered over the 8-week training schedule will focus on the same fundamentals as our other distances; speedwork, tempo runs and long slow runs. You'll notice that your long run day will often cover distances further than your planned race distance. Use this as an opportunity to put mileage in the legs. Train your legs to run 8km and they'll be thanking you on race day!

You might have just caught the running bug and just completed a couch to 5K program. If so, use our sub-30 plan to further increase your endurance and speed. Want to top the ladder down at the local Park Run? Check out the sub-18 or sub-20 to really feel the burn. See you at the finish line.

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10km Plans

The 10K is a great race distance to train for. It's a perfect mix of speed and endurance, and crucially you can fit it easily around work, or the kids and you don't have to commit an entire Sunday morning to get through your long run.

Just as in our 5K plans, you will often find yourself running further than race distance. Embrace this and remember to take it slow, just train you mind and body to run beyond 10k at your chosen pace so you can leave it all out on the course come race day.

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Half Marathon Plans

A bit of a personal one from the 2 of us here. The Half Marathon was the first long-distance race either of us attempted. Coming out of school as pretty accomplished track athletes, I guess we naively believed that qualified us to comfortably run the 21.1km. Safe to say, neither of us trained properly and it was although we both came home with finishers medals, it was not pretty and we couldn't walk for a week.

The lesson here is a simple one. Find a good training plan and stick to it. Everything matters here. Getting in those long runs are key to prepare for the rigours of going the distance, and the speed/tempo sessions will build up your cardio-vascular endurance. Put all these pieces together and you'll have no problems finishing, and finishing comfortably.

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2 hour half marathon plan

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Marathon Plans

Global race data suggests that only 0.17% of people alive today have finished a marathon distance. If this is the kind of exclusive club you want to be part of, then fire up one of our 16-week training schedules. Any attempt to cover this distance requires commitment, dedication and both mental and physical endurance and determination, and we reflect this with the training. These plans aren't designed to be easy. (The sub-4 will see you cover over 1,000km) They are designed to condition your body to be able to go longer and quicker, all while expending as little energy as possible.

Put everything you've learnt in your running journey together here. Build strength in the quicker runs, push yourself mentally on the weekend long runs, and make sure to take your recovery seriously to avoid injury.

Sometimes the first weeks of training can feel the hardest, especially if you've had some time off, but 8 weeks in, you'll be looking forward to your 3 hour weekend runs, we promise.

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